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Elites (Book)

Author: Jan Sealy

Updated: Monthly

He should have killed her...and she should have ran when she had the chance...but like magnets, they just kept getting closer.

Tia's simple life took a drastic turn after a relaxing night's walk turned into a gamble for her life, and a world completely unknown to her was revealed. In the middle of this world, standing tall was a dangerous man, Jayden. He was known as being one of the strongest killers fighting in a war against humans. A man who upon their first meeting, had every intention to kill her, however, instead of fearing him, like she was supposed, instead of running away like she should have...she found her self drawing closer and closer to this dangerous and deadly killer. Closer to this Elite.

Just Business


17 Oct 2022

Tia Angela Clarke


12 Aug 2022

Just Fine


16 Sept 2022



17 Oct 2022

Wasn't Expecting That


11 Nov 2022

Something about him


16 Dec 2022

Explain in a bit


20 Jan 2023

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