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Chapter 6

Something about him


Again I glanced back at him; his eyes were now looking around the opening we were in. His mind obviously not focused on me anymore, but somewhere else. He was ridiculously tall, I mused, I was fairly tall myself but somehow he managed to tower over me. Considering the situation though, I shouldn't be checking him out but it was extremely hard not to notice just how broad his shoulders were, how many rippling muscles he had, for peace sake he wasn't even wearing a shirt. Long pants yes, but very much shirtless, showing off his eight packs, and his very toned body.

My eyes drifted absently up his body until they rested on his face. Strong, firm and a bit intimidating, but nothing compared to the wolf that most likely was him. It was an assumption but I figure, it's pretty well calculated. Firstly their eye color was the same blood red although Jayden's only changed when he got serious, and secondly he had a freaking claw come out of his nail like wolverine or something, it's kind of hard not to link the two together.

If he wasn't so scary though, I'd say he was drop dead gorgeous. He was definitely the type of guy you wouldn't mind meeting on the road, but after seeing him as a wolf—I was hard pressed to want to see him in an amusement park with millions of people around. And although I was telling the truth about not being scared of what he'd do to me—I still didn't like the idea of pain—besides what if I died---my family really can't afford for me to die? Literally right now, we can barely afford a coffin to chug my dead corpse in. I was definitely apprehensive about this situation, and this man...yet it was strange, because I couldn't help feel that there was something about him that was...alluring.

His eyes wandered back over to me after a few minutes still clouded with thought, then our eyes locked, and I could feel a familiar jolt of electricity run down my spine, that came whenever I noticed him watching me or our eyes seemed to meet. He was studying me again; this time eyeing me up and down, with a suspicious smirk. Uneasiness filled me, as my previous thoughts floated away, was he sizing me up? Re-thinking about letting me live or not? There had never been a logical reason for changing his mind, so he could easily change it back.

"You...have great legs." he mused thoughtfully. I blinked. Say what—I was wearing short pants, and a stretch to fit shirt with a jacket over it, but I didn't think HE would comment on it.

"Bro! That was all you were thinking about?!" Steph scowled her brother, "You can't have a bad personality and then give questioning looks like that! It's not fair!"

"I'm a guy—" he shrugged, looking at me from the corner of his eye, with a slight smirk on his face. I bit my lower lip, and I could feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks. He muffled a laugh. What the hell, I thought; he just threatened to kill me, I SHOULD NOT BE BLUSHING AT WHAT HE SAYS! I should be disgusted...I pleaded with myself, disgusted! I cleared my throat, trying to regain my composure, and think about what I really needed to be thinking on instead of the sensation I got when his eyes were on me.

"So do you have any intentions of telling me what gives...?" I tried, folding my arms over my chest seemingly aloof, as I tried to hold his gaze again. I had noticed it from the first time I saw him, his eyes although deadly are really beautiful. A light green which burns blood red when his eyes flare like a forest being burned by his emotions.

"You couldn't simply say 'thank you', could you?" he mused with a slight smirk, "I suppose you'd refuse to take a gift, without knowing the motive?" his smile had long disappeared, and was replaced with a stern face. I clenched my mouth, as I realized I should have innocently pretended I thought I was safe, but I was too late to retract my statement.

"I should—" I confessed, "but my mom always told me never to take gifts from strange people. So I'd rather not...but...thank you, anyway," I finished, mocking his tone when he said 'Thank you'. Jayden grit his teeth, and I sensed a bit of hesitation from him. Steph stepped back timidly, biting her lip. Geez, you always know you did something really wrong with Steph around...she always cowers away like, 'oh looks like it's hopeless for you now,' I thought glancing at her. Jayden shifted his weight from one foot to another and took a step towards me, paused and then his signature grin slid across his face.

"Your mother was pretty smart," he started, his eyes twinkled dangerously, a look I didn't recognize flashed across his eyes, that, didn't seem like a good sign. I could tell I was unable to swallow again, and man did my throat feel dry, "but if you find out about something, I hope your mom also thought you, you better deal with it properly."

"I can." I allowed myself to swallow and breathed out the two words, it wasn't any sort of come back but it was all I had in me.

"Great, then I'll tell you—the reason you're still alive...," he said nonchalantly, "... is because you're going to help me." I bit my lip again. Help him...? I thought blankly, Do what...?


Thanks for reading, I really really reaaaaallly appreciate it!!!



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