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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

- William A. Foster

Our Goal: To Empower You To Achieve That Quality

Our Vision

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To see quality services and products be a norm in Barbados and the wider Caribbean, and for people to work together to design innovative and effective solutions to solve the problems experienced by those in these regions and the world.

Our Mission

To provide business consulting services in Barbados and the wider Caribbean in order to educate and empower our clients and stakeholders so that they can achieve business growth and connect to people who need their solution.

TQS Connect is a family run business consulting firm based in Barbados whose goal is to empower small to medium sized businesses to structure themselves in such a way as to operate effciently and to effectively achieve their growth goals.

We and our affiliated businesses work together to achieve these goals by each supporting a key business function to facilitate our client's business growth. We believe that quality solutions are necessary to promote growth both in businesses and individuals so we endevour to build these connections so that we can help people to solve their problems.

Simply put, we see ourselves as a hub for advice and quality suggestions so people can find the solution that is right for them.

Who We Are

Meet Management


Jean Chase - Sealy

General Manager: TQSConnect

Finance & Business Management

Manages Affiliate: Steerwell Business Services

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Janelle Sealy

Administrations Manager: TQSConnect

Marketing and Advertising

Manages Affiliate: Connect Studios

What We Believe

Core Values








- Networking (We endevour to build relationships with people from all walks of life)

- Upgrading (We are constantly learning and improving our systems and technology)

- Value for Money (We aim to provide the best value for money)

- Business-like (Politeness, Professionalism and Proficiency)

- Ethical (Doing what is right according to the law and family friendly)

- Reliable (Following through with what we have said)

- Structured (Being organized and systematic)

Growth is needed not only in the business environment, but individuals and communities also need that push to grow. Which is why we support JCS Clubs, a non-denominational Christian, non-profit organization geared at building rounded individuals in the community who know about Biblical teaching.

Affiliated Businesses/Groups

Meet Solutions

Where Problems,

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