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The best accountants are not just number-crunchers;

they’re financial storytellers

– Jessica Turner

What Are Your Numbers Saying About Your Business?

The Heart of A Business

Do you own a business?  Maybe you are thinking about starting a business shortly.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time small business owners don't realize how crucial accounting and financial advice is to any successful business. 


They think that the cost is going to be too high - but the real cost is not understanding your numbers or legal framework that you're going into.  Sadly, we've all seen the demise of many businesses over the years, most of the time that happened because no one was paying attention to the numbers.

I don't like sad stories though, I like happy endings so I work really hard with my clients to ensure that their business stories have a happy ending.

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My name is Jean Chase-Sealy FCCA CA, I am the Senior Consultant and General Manager at Steerwell Business Services and I am a qualified Accountant.


I’ve been doing accounting for over thirty (30) years now and I think I get more passionate about seeing businesses succeed every day.

When I get a new client the first thing I do is have a long conversation with them.  I don't just want to offer my clients a service, I want to ensure the service I offer is tailored to their needs.

 Accountants know that numbers tell a story, but at Steerwell Business Services we seek to do more than help businesses to tell their stories, we seek to help businesses to give their stories a Happy Ending.

Discover What Your Numbers Are Saying About Your Business

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