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Discover Quality Solutions For Your Business' Problems
Business Growth Starts Here

Professional business consultants working with you to understand your problem and connect you to a solution 

Running a business is A LOT of work. Knowing which laws in Barbados affect your business, figuring out how you can increase your sales and mantaining happy customers.


Just being an expert in your discipline doesn't automatically mean your business won't face various problems.

Before they know it many businesses find themselves:

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  • Incurring significant tax debt

  • Unable to cover production costs

  • With insufficient sales levels

  • Unable to meet job deadlines

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However, the product is often not the cause. Business structure issues negatively impact the final product offered to customers and overall reduces the business' ability to survive.

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Total Quality Solutions Connect helps small businesses to understand what their underlying challenges are and advise them on how to overcome these hurdles. We use a variety of tools to assist our clients and walk beside them to implement the changes necessary for their business growth.

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Taking Your Business To The Next Level

The ABCs for Business Growth

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Accounting Services

Accounting is the heart of a business. How else will you know how much money your business is making or even losing? How will you know if you are charging enough to cover your costs? How can you ensure you're in a tax compliant position. 

 Numbers tell a story, it's time to find out what your numbers are saying about your business.

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Business Consulting

Where should you put your focus? How should you improve your operations to lower costs? How can you create happier customers experiences? TQS Connect seeks to answer these questions by assisting you with managing your costs, providing research driven advice for increasing your sales and setting up your business with systems and tools which are customized to your needs. So you can do what you do best -- even better.

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Content Creation

Don't have time to have an active social media feed? Or can't create a video which will engage your target audience? We create customized videos in a variety of styles to keep your audience engaged! Tell us your story or ad and watch us bring it to life!

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Data Collection and Analysis 

Do you know what your customers think of you? Or what they need from you? In order to solve a problem you need to know the problem and the best way to know is to ask. We offer a data collection service to help our clients gain the knowledge they need to know from their customers in order to make important decisions necessary to move forward.

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