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Chapter 13

Wake Up Call

Jayden POV

"Good morning, Sir," Stephanie sang, "I'm Stephanie! We spoke on the phone." Tia's father stood about 6 ft 3' looking down the steps at a smiling Stephanie while I stood a good two feet behind her. There was a method to the madness, generally people like her more—who would think, right? Tia's dad looked down astonished at first and then recognition flooded his eyes.

"Oh you're Tia's new friend-friends," he added the extra part quickly after seeing me, only a moment after. His eyes looked calculative suddenly and then turned warmed to smile.

"How may I help you?" he asked, opening the door widely now, motioning for us to come into the house, "It's morning still but do you want to come in and speak with Tia—unfortunately she doesn't seem to be awake yet," Steph nodded attentively, as Tia's dad continued, as I strode in the house looking around carelessly and sniffing the air a bit to get a better idea of my surroundings, "Tried countless times to call her awake but she keeps ignoring me. Got me going through hell with little Sherry here."

"Little Sherry?" Steph inquired as if on cue.

"I'll let you meet her, perhaps she'll listen to you," he said nervously as he led Stephanie in to the kitchen.

He's really trusting, I thought bleakly, as I realized I was left in the living room alone. Although, he was probably expecting me to follow also—but I'd didn't exactly come to play babysitter. I heard a faint sound from up the hall, of jagged breaths, and then I smelt her. Tia, she was hyperventilating, as I sort of anticipated. I was gone before Steph and Tia's dad glance back.


Tia lay motionless in my arms as I carried her, bridal style again to her bed, my body was erupting in calming tingles, and heat, as it often did when I held her. She looks exhausted, I thought looking down at her peaceful face, obviously she didn't sleep the moment she got home. Although after using so much of her powers for the first time it was expected she would be exhausted, lack of sleep just made it worse. It wasn't really a wonder that she faint. I rested her tenderly on the bed, laying her perfectly on her back. Her hand moved slightly from her side, and she released a peaceful breath of air, relaxing her entire facial expression.

I knelt down beside the bed unconsciously until I was staring directly at her face. I could feel a wave of peace wash over me, as I stared at her soft, tender expression. Gosh, she was could I have even brought myself to rid the world of such a thing, I'm sure it would have been single-handedly the worse thing I'd ever done...and that was saying a lot for me. She pierced her beautiful lips slightly, as she fidgeted in her sleep. My fingers strayed lightly up her hand, and traced a line from her collarbone to her neck; mesmerized by her smooth, soft feel, adoring it and sensation of warmth in my fingertips. In a trance I ran my finger up her neck, and I felt her body lightly shiver beneath my touch.

'Would you get that thing away from me—or kill me—I don't want to be touched by the same person that shed the blood of innocent people!!' the thought of what Tia said the day before flashed into my mind again and I pulled back my hand instantly. That's right..., I reminded myself, raising myself to my feet so I could stand over her. I closed my eyes slightly as I listened to Steph and Tia's dad steps as they returned to the living room, and began to exit, you're a killer, will want to be close to you, so you touch only to kill— nothing more. And right now—she's on the no touching list.



Laughter echoed throughout my room from the hall, and the sound of children playing outside came through my window. I blinked bewildered; Children? Don't they have school? I flung my feet out of my bed wildly and froze the moment I touched the ground. Wait a sec...was I always in bed? A flash back of getting out of the bed before came to mind, followed by my previous episode of falling, and amazingly never touching the ground. How did I get in bed then? I blinked again moving my feet uncomfortably against the warm floor. Jayden; I remembered his voice...followed by very strong, firm, warm arms that encased my midsection. A slight tingle ran down my spine and I released a breath trying to calm myself as a light blush formed on my cheeks. That was...Jayden? How could he even be here? I must have been dreaming...

"Tia! Tia! Tia!" a voice coupled with Sherry called. Wait- that's Stephanie! My head turned abruptly towards the door just in time to see Steph burst in with a smiling Sherry at her heel. Why—is Stephanie here?

"Titi!!" Sherry called running pass Steph, and holding out her arms to be lifted into the bed. She was fully uniformed, except instead of looking like if she just put the clothes on; it looked as if she was getting ready to take them off. I forced a smile.

"Sherry, you look awful?" I mused still distracted by the presence of the extra girl, "What time is it?" I asked. With the new found energy pulsing through my vein, I easily pulled her up onto my lap answering her silent plea. My eyes drifted behind Steph expecting to see Jayden but nothing. An unknown feeling pricked my heart slightly as Steph looked up after a moment from her purple watch.

"Its 4:30," the shock turned my thoughts away from the forlorn feeling and my mouth hung open. In the evening!? Where the hell did my day go?!

"You were sleeping all day...,"Sheph stated, as if reading my thoughts again. I bit my lip.

"Stephie helped me get ready for school and helped daddy out all day," Sherry cut in as Steph smiled widely behind her, accepting the praise graciously.

" were a great help, Steph," I said incredulously, more incredulous to my sleeping for over 10 hours straight than Steph's task however, although I was thankful, to say the least.

"Yup!"She beamed, and Sherry gladly shared her smile, "Big bro said you'd probably be tired all day so I should stick around and help out where I could." I blinked. Jayden said that? When? And what about my dad, he just let a complete stranger stay at his house? I noticed Sherry turned to me with a look of concern after nodding her head in agreement.

"Yea, he was saying you were tir'd from all the social'zing, are ya' bett'r now?" her face displayed so much worry, as I turned my head slightly to her.

"I'm great now," I said honestly, and added with a bit more enthusiasm, "all revived!" Her face beamed, and I kept the plastered smile on my face, 'from all my excess...socializing...' I added inwardly. It sounded so stupid, why did Jayden even use that as an excuse? And seriously did my dad really buy that!?

* * * * *

"You're finally up!" my dad called from behind the kitchen counter. Both Steph and Sherry were at my heels, but after realizing he was making something raced to a seat at the table. After helping Sherry to change and getting my own self refreshed enough to go downstairs it was amazing I was still energetic and happy. A rugged smile crossed my face as I watched my father go back to work intently behind the counter.

"What are you doing behind there, dad? Posing?" I teased lightly; while walking as casually as I could up to him, waiting for any sense of abnormality that came from him. After meeting Jayden, who knows what trauma he endured? He cringed slightly at my insult and turned back to continue to peel the orange he was working on.

"If you must know, I'm making desert," he stated.

"Don't you need to make dinner first before you do that?" I teased again, leaning on the counter in front of him, I propped my hands on my face innocently as I gazed meaningfully at him. He shrugged.

"That new friend of yours...Jayden, I think it is, said he'd buy some since you would be too tired to cook," his eyes met mine cautiously as I stared dubiously up at him. Jayden again? So that means he's coming back here? Still—what he was doing here in the first place!? The last thing I want is that around my family...we've been through enough hardship.

"But you should be more careful," he was saying, I blinked, as I caught the last part of what he was saying amidst my thoughts.

"Huh?" he rolled his eyes.

"I'm saying don't do too much, Jayden said you were so outgoing and energetic last night that you were exhausted," he said with concern in his eyes. He shook his head, "I said to relax not go to a party—but I guess it's better than working all the time..."I blanked out at this point...what the hell? What I went through last night was NO party! And it for sure was not what I needed. Only Jayden could make a hostage situation sound like a thrilling night of partying!

"We want fruit salad! We want fruit salad!" both of the girls chorused in unison, bombarding my thoughts again, distracting me from my annoyed rant. They truly seemed to enjoy each other's company, although Steph was a good 7 years older, they literally acted the same, it was like having two 3 year olds to contend with. Dad's face turned to a rugged smile...yet somehow he was enjoying this.

"Alright, alright! The fruit salad is coming right up," he called, only to get a thunderous applause from the two girls. Really I couldn't help but smile, they were loud, but no-one could deny their cuteness, I sure couldn't. I moved automatically to assist my father with his peeling, although it isn't exactly cooking he was still probably going to take forever to peel that one orange...he was definitely going to need help, I concluded with a slight grin.


A high pitch ring filled the house the moment I placed the plates in front of the girls to eat. I turned to my dad, 'Was he expecting someone?' he didn't even look up as he gulped down his food. I grimaced, how is he so hungry yet I cut more fruits?!

I could sense his silent plea for me to get the door, when the person rang again after no reply. I rolled my eyes and walked out to the front door, they had better leave something for me; I haven't eaten at all, for the entire day!

I opened the door without looking through the peep hole. Note to self: Never do that again. Jayden stood at my doorstep smirking down at me, holding two plastic bags in his hands. A slight shiver ran up my spine, and I bit my lip; I totally forgot he was supposed to come back.

"You seem taken back from seeing me," he stated coolly, his eyes glazed over in amusement as he looked at me. I chewed down on my lip again, of course I'm taken back...not even the three pigs wanted to let a wolf into their house, and yet here you are.

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