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Chapter 5

Wasn't Expecting That

Jayden POV

"Yes, I am," she said honestly, I wasn't expecting that, usually people lie about when they're scared, and then wet their pants, but she... didn't even look scared at all.

The wind blew through the trees, creating a low whistling sound. She shivered, and moved her hands to fold over her petit body. She seemed anything but scared, bored came to mind faster than that word. She smiled smugly towards me and continued, "But not of what you'll do to me." I once again, did not expect her to say that, neither did my sister because she bound abruptly between us with excitement in her eyes, her hair flinging wildly, nearly hitting me in the face.

"Really? Then of what?!" I flicked my eyebrow in annoyance, when she bounced in front of me, for two reasons: 1) I was shocked she was being this friendly. Did she really think I was contemplating letting this one live? She obviously thought I was in a good mood. And 2) I was being interrupted again, and I was kind of enjoying this conversation. I tilted my head as subtly as I could to the side so I could get a glimpse of her face behind my sister's tangles of hair. Darn that kid was annoying, and as I imagined when I was able to succeed, mystery girl's eyes were locked on me.

"If my family will be happy, and manage even when I'm gone," she replied sounding thoughtful and whimsical as she spoke. I scoffed.

"Even though you're an've grown up among humans. There's no way, her main concern is her family, who's safe, she's probably lying," a slightly disgusted smirk slid across my face, as I waited for her to retort. My eyes locked her gaze now, and she returned it equally determined, "She most likely cares only about herself." I concluded.

"It doesn't really matter what you think, now does it," her eyes didn't waiver as she spoke, her tone coated with scorn. A tension was brewing between us, "But I've no reason to lie." TING! My blade was fully released, and Steph took fell back a bit. I moved it within an inch of her exposed neck. She didn't even blink.

"You just don't want me to know, you're afraid of me," I stated, sliding my claw up and down the surface of her neck. It was smooth and long, and for a second I imagined kissing it instead of holding a knife to her throat. She released a sigh, interrupting my thoughts and then I watched her face go from unreadable to pure rage. She wrinkled her mouth; and in return I tilted my head slightly in anticipation.

"Would you get that thing away from me—or kill me—I don't want to be touched by the same person that shed the blood of innocent people." Her eyes flashed vibrant silver as she spoke, and I froze, "And why..."she stressed conclusively, "should I give you the pleasure..."she made her words sound as nauseatingly liquefied as possible, "of feeling you have power over someone." I blinked in disbelief, and grit my teeth. Slightly-- I could sense something flare inside me. Her eyes held mine, piercing into my mine, and I fought myself to return it. My eyes flashed blood red, and I could feel our exchange filled with more power than I ever felt before. It wasn't an exchange as between Ester and I, this was just a puff of raw power, almost a battle of auras, and it took up a lot of energy to face hers. This girl was ridiculously strong; it didn't take a glance to tell my sister was flinching on the sidelines, by this tremendous power in the air. It was at a level, I would bet even a human could notice, a level I was fighting to maintain.

I retracted my claw with a snap, blinked and jumped to my feet to break off the contact. My sister was kneeled on the ground, wide-eyed and an utterly dazed expression. She wasn't usually this easily affected, I thought. Although even the girl in the battle with me was in a world of her own. It would have felt good knowing I wasn't the only one not in control, but she's an amateur, she shouldn't be even with me. I needed to practice my less control more, I grumbled, flexing my shoulders, mentally waking myself up.

I snapped my fingers intending to wake up Steph but the girl woke up first, and her eyes gazed blankly towards me. They were caramel again, just very hazy. Her face was the definition of dumb, no emotion was on her face at all, but to be fair my sister wasn't doing much better still in elite state and hazy blue. The girl looked unsteady, and I knew at this point if I really wanted to attack her, she couldn't say anything, far less defend herself. It would have been like she was sleeping, she wouldn't even know, her fatigue would be her defeat.

"What's your name?" I asked her, I spoke as if I was talking to a child, as I watched her face slip from blankness to mild recognition. A smile involuntarily spread across my face as I saw her helplessly look at me, "You really shouldn't bad talk people, who have the power to hurt you..." I murmured in a soft smile, amused by how cute she looked. Her face was stripped of all evidence of someone who would stand up to me, and was replaced by someone who could well be a two year old. I sighed, I can't believe I exchanged with an amateur, who loses all wits after an exchange.

My eyes drifted back to my sister who was completely zoned out still, however this was still a very special case for an amateur, my sister is definitely strong enough to deal with most of my exchanges. Yet a no name, wannabe human girl can entrance her like this, it really doesn't matter what Ester thinks, this girl is worth keeping. I snapped my fingers again. Both girls hazed out instantly.

"I'm Tia!" Tia called out, as if just un-paused. Her face had regained the impact of an adult again and I looked down marvelling at her quick recovery, in comparison again to my sister who was still a bit hazy. I snapped my fingers a third time.

"Would you stop doing that?! It feels like a sonic boom goes off, and its surround sound in my head, whenever you do that!" Tia exclaimed, jumping to her feet. I smirked. She started to stumble towards me and I automatically caught her by her slender waist. Her chest touching against mine and her hands resting against my chest briefly before she caught herself and  propelled herself off of me pushing herself into a standing position again, but not before I mentally registered how nice her soft chest felt against me--how well she seemed to fit, not to mention the small tingles I felt when her body was against mine.

"Sorry—" she stammered, with a blush involuntarily rising on her face.

"OOhh, what was that??" I saw Steph finally get up off of the ground with a broad, teasing smile on her face, fully recovered, "I bet he felt all your business during that trip." My sister is ten, and she truly enjoys being her age. Tia's eyes widened innocently and went from Steph to me, in shock. I couldn't help the smirk that came to my face, at her adorably surprised look, especially now I decided to accept her...this was going to be an interesting way to start an alliance...although let's be honest, I'm certain she wouldn't have jumped at the idea anyway.

"What!?" she exclaimed, "You're a killer AND A PERVERT!?" she stressed 'pervert' a lot more than killer—as if it was somehow worse. I chuckled unable to hold it in any more.

"Wait- a it's okay to be a killer as long as I don't do anything perverted," I questioned, smiling in amusement, I could see her scowling at me, but I swiftly turned my attention to my sister, "And sis, what have I told you about saying stuff about big bro's discreet indulgences?" Tia's eyes widened even more; I had to fight even harder not to laugh out loud at her.

"You're horrible!" she spat.

"No, Miss, I'm Jayden," I introduced myself cockily, smirking still. Steph's smile widened till it reached her eyes, when she realized I was wearing a real grin this time. That was her cue for I did not presently intend to kill the girl.

"And I'm STEPHANIE!" she sang, her face was the definition of joy, as she jumped over to Tia's side and grabbed herhand and swinging with it, "But you can call me Steph, like my bro does," her face lit up even more as she introduced herself. She must have been glad to make a friend who was probably going to stick around a while, last time she did, it was with Ester and she doesn't like him too much now. I felt a pang of guilt, seep through me. I really don't know how attached she should get to this one either, I thought as I watched Tia smile back at her wholly and due to Steph's confidence I suppose decided to stop watching me for the first time this night.


"I'm Stephanie!" the little ten year old child sang, relief evident in her voice, "But you can call me Steph, like my bro does." I wondered briefly if it was happiness because she thought I was going to survive, she seemed more interested in my life than Jayden did. Her brother, I supposed. I wonder why he changed his mind; the girl's pleas never seemed to make a difference before.

I smiled back, trying to mimic her enthusiasm, but my eighteen year old mind couldn't fathom the idea that this seemingly ruthless killer would change his mind because I blanked out and she begged him. I know my glare before was the hardest I could muster, and I took every ounce of strength I had, hence... I guess that's why I fainted, but looks don't kill and they don't usually stop people from attacking you. Despite my logic however he had ample chances to kill me, aside from the blanking out, there were times I was awake and that strange light wouldn't appear for the life of me. Yet he wouldn't do it, so why now right? Although, the question still stood, why not?

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