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Chapter 7

Explain in a bit


A  while later...

The little girl, Steph, I think, was sitting on a stool kicking out her legs to her own rhythm and humming a song. A few minutes ago she had just excitedly given me the grand tour of her and her brother's apartment, much to his displeasure it seemed. Somehow she had an effect on him, and he let her have her own way as long as it didn't have to do with, what he considered 'business'. Now the tour was done, she sat obediently by the kitchen counter waiting for him to begin explaining the situation.

Presently he was too preoccupied guzzling down a carton of milk to talk, but she insisted he would finish in a bit, meanwhile I had a sandwich prepared for me. Don't get me wrong, this was all still odd for me but—it's not like I had a choice, about going to his apartment, and my stomach refused to be quietly afraid, and not get hungry.



"Help you—do what?" I had stammered, voicing my thoughts instantly. I was half afraid he would want me to somehow be a killer too, or get away van driver. He grinned slightly.

"I'll explain to you in a bit but—more people are coming and this could turn out to be a worst massacre, if we're witnessed leaving." I had turned around when I heard the voices and saw flashlights in the distance. A thought had come to me if I should try screaming, but quickly my eyes fell to the ground where I realized two bodies still laid dead, it wouldn't make sense, I decided, it would only end up with more people dying... a bunch of unarmed officers at best, won't be able to harm him. I swallowed, as I noticed them getting closer, and knew within myself for their sake I couldn't let them find us.

"So where do you plan to go, genius?" I said, "That's the closest entrance and the exit, they'll be able to see us even if we went to another exit." Jayden looked slightly surprised at my interest in leaving with him, but he quickly recovered himself. He didn't even seem to acknowledge my sarcasm.

"Steph, you've got everything?" he asked, turning his head in Steph's direction, probably convinced by now I wouldn't run risking someone else's life, or that he could easily outrun me...was another option. Steph looked around on the ground, and then in a small bag I hadn't even realized she carried. Within a few seconds, she gave a satisfied nod, while handing him something, "And you remember how to run?" he asked. At this I knew my face had looked dubious. We're going to run pass them... I don't care if he's a wolf, he's definitely not fast enough, I thought.

"Yes, bro," she said bending her head and squeezing her eyes shut.

"Alright, we're heading home..." Jayden spoke in her direction, and then took another step closer to me; I fought the urge to pull away from him as he got closer. Steph eyes flew open, and they shone bright blue. She gave a slight nod and then disappeared, "It's time for us to go." he had said, practically in my ear, I shuddered, and I couldn't help but look up quizzically at the guy towering over head. His face looked serious and strong, and I felt a shiver roll down my spine. He pulled me up into his arms, bridal style, and instantly I felt tingles all over my body as I was pulled to his chest. He didn't seem to notice and blinked his eyes shut and opened them again, this time they were blood red. His movements were lightning speed, I saw the lights from the people blur as we passed, and from what I could tell no-one noticed us either.

Within seconds we stopped in an alley way, where he put me down, pulled out a shirt putting it on, walked me into an exquisite looking apartment building, up to his floor and finally in the room without any discussion. Steph sat by the kitchen counter eating cereal, and that's when the tour of the apartment had started.

End flashback


Jayden finally moved the carton from his mouth, and threw it in a can a good five feet away. Steph sent a looked of annoyance momentarily to Jayden, and I shivered slightly. Jayden however seemed unmoved and returned the look, with a silent, playful smile, a very cute playful smile. His smile then turned to an appreciative smirk when he turned to me.

"Did you feel anything at all during my sister's and my little exchange of ideas?" he asked. I didn't even try to seem like I knew what he was talking about, my face betrayed no expression of knowledge. He smiled his trademark grin. At least someone was enjoying themselves.

"Most people would try to look like they know something, even if they don''re quite the case," he said, a smile that lit up his eyes still playing on his lips.

"I figure, why lie." I shrugged my shoulders, and was rewarded with another smile. Even I had to admit this ruthless killer had a pretty sweet smile.

"Alright," he started, and paused again, "Did you gather anything from our staring contest?" I blinked a bit in thought, and noticed his eyes watching me patiently.

"Well...Steph was really annoyed, and... you didn't care..." I guessed, he smiled playfully again, darn he has a nice smile, no wonder his sister puts up with him.

"Darn, right he doesn't care!" Steph butt in, "He did that JUST to annoy me! Bro knows I hate when he throws things through the air, especially a carton of drink, while it's open!! Some drains could spill out! AND I HAVE TO CLEAN IT!!"

"I know," Jayden interrupted firmly, still smiling and still looking at me, "I heard—the point is, did Tia?" I shrugged uncomfortably again, and nod my head to sign 'no'.

"I didn't get all of that—" I said shrugging.

"Not suppose to, just get there was a friction between us, Steph was sending her vibes, and likewise I sent mine." he leaned back against the wall, fully stretched to his height. His jet black hair was cut low in a spike, and he had his neck bent so that his head didn't touch the wall. His beard looked rough, and fairly untidy, but he made it look rustic and handsomely dangerous. This man was deliciously sexy, I thought inwardly. He released a breath too, and I noticed that for a while he had turned his face from me. In a moment he looked back towards me, and his face seemed to hesitate for a split second, only to regain composure soon after, "Average humans don't notice looks like that, only really observant ones, and then they're the elites, who can read deep into the emotions portrayed by individuals, and that's what we were doing."

"But that only worked because she told you before, based on her facial expression you could have guessed...also what's an elite?" I reasoned, not even trying to hide my confusion and dubiety.

"After seeing me transform into a wolf, you still have it in you to be doubtful," he mused smiling softly, Steph turned her head to look quietly from him to me.

"Well...even if I accepted that, your explanation doesn't exactly explain why-," I cut in, slightly flushed because he had smiled again.

"I beg to differ, but let me put it in a way you can understand," he paused, and then tilted his head slightly allowing some of the longer strands of his hair to tilt over with him,

"Elites are beings with control over their complete brain, allowing us to use special abilities endowed on us, or to connect with on a more personal level with someone." He was looking around the room as if reciting a definition, and then locked eyes with me before he finished, "And you, Tia are an elite." I felt uneasiness flood through me, and my throat tighten-up in shock, as I tried to grasp what he was now telling me.

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