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Part 4

Time spent with cats is never wasted - Unknown


Puss put on his boots the morning after Jake bought them and stood up on two legs, as Jake marveled inwardly at the sight.

"Great, now I've no money, I'm off to work," he said sarcastically, as he waved goodbye to his talkative friend. In the span of two nights before getting his boots, Puss willingly shared all the pains of being a cat, and explained why he was so upset when Jake planned to make him only eat mice, apparently although they're not bad, they stink up pretty quickly, so eating them them too often leaves you with what he termed, mouse breath. Nevertheless, Jake was now assured that the mice in his bed was definitely on purpose, he was just fortunate to get the message early, because Puss had a plan b, which entailed leaving more mice a bit closer to his mouth so he could get a taste of it himself.

Weirdly, though despite their argument, which no longer felt as strange because Jake could get an answer, Jake was enjoying Puss' company, although he acted more like a spoilt prince than a servant to a master but Jake was use to it already.

"I'll get to work on our plan," Puss stated. Our plan? Jake thought walking away from the mill, Puss had said he had a plan, but Jake was apparently not going to hear of it, not until Puss was good and ready, which who knew when that was. Apparently Puss was under the impression Jake was kind of dumb, Jake frowned at the memory, as Puss said he shouldn't waste brain space trying to understand Puss' extravagant plan, since he probably never would. Jake grunted softly coming to James Hordy's farm, in any case, at least he could focus on work, he wasn't sure what the crazy cat was up to but, it wasn't any of his business anyway.


Puss walked through the woods, with a big bag in one hand, filled with corn and bran that he had gone out of his way and picked from a neighboring farmland, with an interesting rumor. He had only spent the briefest of times talking to one of the workers there to get information, and then he set off to the kingdom. It had been a long while since he walked on two legs so it was taking some getting use to, however the walk was long so hopefully, he'd be accustom by the time he reached the Kingdom of Denver. Meanwhile, he was busily formulating a plan, he already had a general idea, but there were still quite a few variables, but now that he had his boots, at least that was one variable reduced.

He heard a noise in the bushes and froze, perfect timing, he thought, he'd been walking for quite a while now. As stealthy as the day he caught his first mouse, he moved behind the bramble, and peeped through, seeing one fat rabbit. He lay the bag open a fair distance away and played dead nearby, the rabbit didn't even notice him, jumping at the chance for the corn, in moments he moved, closing the bag with the bunny and swung it over his shoulder. A catty grin crossed his face, knowing that he was well on his way to creating a marvelous plan of success before he continued on his journey.

When he reached he was given an audience with the king easily, who was seated in the council room where he spoke to his subjects. I mean who wouldn't want to have an audience with a talking cat in boots, Puss thought proudly as he was led in, all he needed now was a hat, but that may take a bit more prodding, he conjured up all he could say to convince his master of it, as the soldier announced his presence.

"Oh my, " the king said softly, after hearing a cat had come to call on him, the queen sat on his right hand while a young woman sat on his left hand, whom Puss assumed was the princess, she was definitely beautiful, Jake definitely knew how to pick them. Puss bowed deeply as any good knight of the castle would, as the royals watched him was due interest. "To what do I owe this?" the king questioned.

"Your majesty, I have come to bring you a rabbit of the warren," Puss started, politely, his head still slightly dipped, "From the noble, The Marquis of Carabas, he has commanded me to present this to you as a gift," he explained. The king raised his eyebrow slightly, rabbit was although not impossible to get still a delicacy, and always appreciated, especially when you were planning a ball.

"Tell your master," the king start smiling down at Puss, "That I thank him, and that he does me a great deal of pleasure." Puss smiled back and gave another deep bow.

"I shall your highness," he said, his eyes flicked to the other two royals who found his presence simply intriguing, and he bowed slightly to them also before turning to leave.


"The king said thank you," Puss said sitting down on the chair licking his paw, now he wore boots, lying on the ground wasn't as comfy so both he and Jake had to suffer through him being on chairs and on Jake's bed.

"Thank you for what? And geez what have you been doing these last few days? Telling me the king says thanks every few days," Jake responded tiredly, "Also, if it's uncomfortable to wear them, then just take off the shoes," he muttered.

"No, for I am Puss In Boots," Puss acclaimed proudly, swinging his legs carelessly, as Jake gave him a tired glare.

"You know, to lose your identity by taking off your shoes, is a pretty flimsy self image," Jake shot back, almost finding Puss' determination funny. Puss frowned, giving him a catty glare, before Jackson walked in the door, this was his night to come in.

"How are things?" Jake asked, hoping he wouldn't have to hear him say something like he's lost the mill in a chicken fight.

"Your rent, where is it?"

"'s only been a few days, Jackson, at least give me a bit of time," Jake said trying not to show any sign of frustration, they had agreed the rent would be 5 pennies, he was paid about 2 pennies a day, and currently he had about 6 pennies to his name, if he planned to eat, it would mean he needed one more day before he could afford rent, literally.

"Rent is paid at the beginning of the month," Jackson pointed out, then he pointed to puss , "And if you've got money to buy your cat shoes, you should be able to pay me rent!" Jake frowned visibly, it's because I bought him shoes I have no money, do you know those had to be custom made for a cat?

"Look, I have no money right now," Jake tried again.

"Then give me the boots," Jackson bargained, Jake looked dumbfounded, why would he want cat boots. Puss on the other hand looked horrified at the prospect, "We can then call it even for now." One look at Puss gave Jake his answer, and he sighed at the petrified little kitten, he looked like someone told him he'd have to take a bath every day for a week.

"I'm not giving you Puss's boots," Jake said tiredly standing up to his brother for the first time in possibly his entire life. He couldn't think of what was more amazing, he decided to refuse his brother or what he intended to do next, as he started moving, both Puss and Jackson watched him curiously, and uncovered surprise, as he walked to his room and pulled out five coins from his money bag, and turning to give it to Jackson, "Here this should be enough to last me the month, right? You've my rent money, so we're good," Jackson looked at the pennies and a smile crossed his face, he was easily impressed with money, and he snatched it quickly running out the door. Jake sighed and turned to leave not bothering to look back at Puss who continued to sit on the chair, as he silently contemplated how to thank his master. Even if Jackson was afraid of him, Jake wasn't and he could have easily stripped him of his boots, nevertheless, thanks was not something Puss would offer up easily, afterall he was Puss In bloody boots--a cat that would only said thanks to the king so...why did Jake bother to help him...?

"You may be Arrogance in Boots...but you're my friend," Jake said, heading back out of the living room into his own, "So if I can help you, I will." Puss jumped down from his chair, and followed after him, as Jake plopped noisily into his bed. In a few minutes Puss pulled off his boots much to Jake's surprise and curled up at the bottom of the bed.

"Thank you..." the feline whispered, going off to sleep, leaving Jake shocked for a bit that the cat actually knew how to take the boots off. He smiled a bit, and made himself comfortable again.

"Sure, Puss In Boots."


Puss continued to deliver rabbits, birds, and other delicacies to the King, all under the name of the Marquis of Carabas much to the King's pleasure since his ball was growing closer, and certain delicacies were hard to find yet Puss always seemed to have them. The princess had also grown to like the cat, always excited to see him again, and occasionally asking questions about the growing mystery the Nobleman or rather the Marquis of Carabas. Puss eloquently told them tales of Jake as if he was hardworking noble quite busy, who helped his friends but was very rich and handsome. Princess Elena was interested in him, as were the King and Queen, all the while Jake actually labored away at the farm purchasing all that Puss required and keeping his brother in the dark about their magical ancestry.

"Puss, you must be kidding," Jake growled softly, so that no one in the market area could hear him talking to a cat.

"In all the years you've known me, have I ever kid you?" Puss retorted, Jake narrowed his eyes, and then turned back to the store in front of them.

"Yes, but you must be kidding me now, there's no way I can afford an outfit, fit for the king's ball."


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