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Chapter 1

Just Business

Jayden POV

"Alright! Are you ready to ruuumble!!?" Ester shouted, sounding the alarm vibrantly, as he thrust his arms enthusiastically in the air, towards the raging crowds. The crowds cheered back loudly fired up by his enthusiasm ready to see the battle begin. Stephanie scoffed noisily in her throat beside me, folding her arms over her small chest, as two humans began to fight and instinctively I knew she wasn't going to let this be a peaceful session either. I didn't even bother to look down to see the frown I knew she wore on her 10 year old face, instead I just continued to stare blankly forward, watching as the two men exchanged blows.

"I think, he's over doing it," she grumbled so softly, that compared to all the noise from the cheers of the crowd, a normal person wouldn't have heard. However that didn't matter since I was far from normal and we both knew that amidst the hoards of people, only I was meant to hear that message.

"It's just business Steph – it can't be helped," I added, I voice sounded bored as I spoke, like I had said this hundreds of times...I was certain by now I had. I still didn't bother to look at her, yet I knew she flashed a cold glare at me, and from the corner of her eye, I could see the bitter hate etched in her face.

"You and I both know, that, that's not true-"she finally growled out in burst of anger. She tensed beside me as if thinking about what she was going to say next, but then narrowed her eyes into another expression of annoyance, before she lowered her voice even more, even I had trouble hearing her, so I turned my head slightly to look at the very unhappy face she was sporting, before she hissed the rest, "People are- DYIN', Jayden, because of this." I could feel her anger and the poison drenching her words, she was definitely spending too much time with me if she could sound so angry. Nevertheless, my eyes didn't wavered for a second. Even if she was angry, it was nothing compared to anger I may have, I knew, as I turned away from her to watch the people in the stands. Steph bit her lip harshly, but didn't say anything else, as if sensing I wasn't planning to change my mind, and my patience was wearing away.

The fighters continued to put on a show, each anxious to win. The crowd jumped and hooted as blood spewed from one of the fighter's mouth, in vindictive happiness. I turned to arch my body to shield Steph from the mob of people, as they jumped and pushed against her, she didn't seem to care if I blocked her view a bit when I did it. Human fights were so pointless, I thought grimly, glaring at a man who came way to close to hitting my sister in a frenzy, and yet it caused so much ruckus. They began to make even more noise and shove even more in the stands; cursing civilians and booing individuals alerted me that the favorite fighter was losing the fight.

I grit my teeth instinctively, not even bothering to look up, focused solely on defending my sister from the crowd. Those idiots had no idea how lucky they were their 'friend' was losing. Steph nudged my shoulder, my head turned down to see her pointing back at the stage. The fight was over. Somewhere in my thoughts, I had missed the entire fight and already the whole stadium was cheering even his non-supporters. The other guy was kneeling hunched over on the ground, in a pool of his blood, clenching his jaw in agony as an assistant ran over to him. My eyes fell back to Ester, he was clapping simultaneously with the crowd now, smiling and laughing.

He pulled the vistor's hand into the air again, as the crowd praised him. Slowly he turned him around, until he faced me. In a split second, Ester's eyes locked on mine, and flashed a pitch black. I held his powerful gaze, in response. For a single heated moment, I could sense the energy in our little exchange rising up between us. His energy left a mark on my mind, detailing the information for the next task and that was all I needed. And then Ester released contact.

"It's time to go." I barely breathed the words to Steph before I started to push my way through the crowd to reach the exit. I didn't need to look back to know she was less than a foot behind me. I left just in time to hear the winner announce proudly to the crowd, "From now me," the man called out, "Champion!" I grit my teeth again. Is this really what should be considered winning? Either way his fate was now sealed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The room was spacious and extravagantly decorated for the recent winner. Glass table, and bright, florescent colours filled the room. Too odd for my taste personally, but usually the team, made the room however the occupant wanted it. So I was allowed to get it messy if need be- they could afford it.

The man--Champion seemed to be enjoying himself, flicking through the channels as I entered. Although he assumed I was some 'company help' and started saying something about his assistants and masseuse leaving in the middle of serving him a few minutes ago. I ignored him, and all around me seemed to go an eerie quiet as I surveyed the room. I was vaguely aware that there was a camera, although it was monitored by our people, as planned, and only one exit. The one I was now blocking, and there were no windows, only one sole bathroom to the side.

His eyes watched me as I looked around, and then he started shouting from his seat. I closed my eyes slowly, inhaling deeply as my focus zoned in on reciting my warrior chant, then my eyes shot open. I could feel a burst of energy flood through me, as if I had been reborn. The colour drained from his face, and my hearing improved to the point that I could hear the rate of his heart increase to a marathon runner. A metamorphosis never failed to freak a human out, and it didn't help I turned into a large wolf instead of a bunny. I grinned a small wolfy grin at the thought as Champion jumped to his feet to defend himself. He clenched his fist together and lunged forward. DUMB.MOVE. If he had stayed still, he wouldn't have had to go through as much pain. I heard a crack as I caught his fist in mine, after changing back. I didn't really need to be in my beast form to beat him, he was really that weak, the truth was, it was just for the show. He released a groan and I growled low in response.

"Nice Punch," I twisted his wrist, causing him to cry out in pain, where I snapped it, he fell to the ground, with me still holding his hand in an awkward, uncomfortable position, well for him. After only a short while of his painful gasps I flicked him away as if I was throwing a rag doll, so he hit the couch and sprawled back on it, "But try not to make me end you so soon. Enjoy life a little." Champion looked at me wide eyed and in horror, I watched him crawl back submissively into the crevice of the couch, with his one good hand. Complete silence filled the room and I took a step towards him, then there was a resonating beep.

Champion looked around frantically, and I stopped my advancements, and tilted my head towards the sound, as I heard laughter fill the room.

"Your fight was quite entertaining, Champion," an image of Ester blinked on to the screen, his eyes a piercing black and his pale almost sickly lips in a mischievous grin, "But I will like you to meet our Champion, perhaps you should take notes," he laughed again as Champion face turned to more horror and shock. I exhaled slowly and glanced up at the image of Esther being projected from a hidden projector onto the wall.

"What- What the hell is this?!" Champion choked, his eyes beginning to tear up, " This- this thing is a monster! A bloody monster!" he cried at last. My eyes flashed back towards him in a dark glare, his eyes met mine and he momentarily stopped breathing.

"Tut-tut, that's not very nice- besides if you can't beat someone, you really shouldn't make them angry-" he paused to chuckle again, "Not that it'd make a difference--you see, we've kind of already made a bet on your life, so there's nothing that save you now-I just came to check in on our 'Champion', but it seems that you look about ready to retire, you're so pale-it's hysterical, isn't it, Jayden?" I blinked at the sound of my name, I willed my body not to tense up when he called my name, so casually, instead I just blankly looked at the opponent before me, and focused all my anger on him. Then a intensity hit me, and I flicked my gaze back to the screen which managed to portray Ester's killing intent as his eyes hardened to cold, black pits. Disgust clearly growing in him, even the glimmer of a smile he had on his face before was now nowhere to be found.

"Jayden! Get rid of him, now," he scorned, "It's disgusting, how these weak humans call themselves fighters- and their best is a snivelling wimp! We've got enough footage!" his nose wrinkled even higher in disgust and his image flashed off the screen instantly. My focus returned to Champion within the second, who had remained crouched in tears and horror, despite my outwardly appearance was that of a man.

"Champion, I do not hate you..." I said coldly, stretching my right hand, so blood flowed through it again. I hadn't even known I was fisting it during Ester's speech. Champion's eyes fell on it, when I finally cracked my knuckles. I approached him slowly, and notice he inched further into the depths of the couch, "So I promise to make it painless..."I continued, as two long silver claws extended from my nails, I always considered it my travel blade, of sorts, "and fast." By now I reached the couch and was within a foot of him, his panic alarms seemed to have gone off at this and he started jumping and crying even more. I leaned in closer to him, placing my claw an inch from his face. He stopped all movement, except a continuous stream of tears, down his broad hairy face.

"Why...?" he squeaked, in a mouse's voice daring to look in my eyes for a moment. I slowly moved my claw in front of his face, as I decided just how was going to kill him. Puncture wound to the head, gouging out his eyes..and finally I watched him cringe as I moved it closer to his neck.

Swiftly I slid my blade through his throat and his eyes widened in shock, before his life drained from his eyes, until I was looking into cold soulless pits. Quite similar to my own, I thought, staring at him a moment longer before I took a step back from his body. His body slouched back into the chair, his muscles incapable of holding him up anymore, and I turned to head back to the door.

"Like I said...It's just business." I murmured.


Thanks you for reading!! I really appreciate it! I had a heap of fun writing this chapter also, so I hope you liked reading it!



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