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Chapter 10

Will You or Won't You


A deafening silence filled the air, as not even Steph dared to argue with him on his reasons. Most likely she had tried to before, but by now she had given up on questioning him about it, and I was hard pressed to object to him while his eyes looked so sinister and deadly. That was one look; I would not want to see on his wolf. If I had thought the wolf was scary before that would literally make someone die on the spot.

"Then...," my voice was low but it still gained both of the elites next to me attention. I couldn't convince myself to breathe when Jayden looked at me. Eyes strong, desolate, and eerie, wiped the life out of my lungs with a mere glance. I was truly scared, more so than when he had a knife to my throat, the torment, hate, disgust in his eyes wracked every inch of my body till I couldn't even contemplate breathing. Breathe, please Breathe!

I gasped a huge gulp of air, and sprang to my feet, resolved not to allow his aura to intimidate me. With a heave of content I continued, "What do you want from me!?"

"To take care of my sister," he said calmly, no hint of anger in his expression any more. I blinked, and my eyes flashed cross to Steph, whose eyes seemed hazed over in a daze. I released jagged uncontrolled breaths as I realized that would have been me, and the air in my chest finally started to pump. It was like being allowed to breathe for the first time in decades, the sweet taste of air only to be hurt by the sound of Jayden's request. Jayden stood up also from his seat and moved around the table to be within an inch of me.

"I'm sorry I had to do that, I needed my sister to be ignorant about this. And it helps she can't deal with our exchanges," I released another breath, and turned my body more to him, only to realize just how close he was to me. I was practically pressed against his hard chest, and I could feel small electrifying tingles entering my body at the feeling; I contemplated stepping back,but with the sofa behind me... I was technically cornered.

His eyes had returned to the relaxed---well more relax shade of green, which helped produce somewhat of a calming effect. However his heated breath on the surface of my face, did not, and I could feel a crimson blush rise to my face. He's too close, I fell back involuntarily into the chair with a soft thud and within seconds he was over me, with his warmth on my face again. And his body positioned over mine, encasing me with his muscular arms, as he held his weight over me, in both an intimidating and yet extremely sexy way.

"So will you? Or won't you?" I could feel my heart beat increase; this man was being incredibly demanding I contorted my face slightly to focus. That is until a sentence could form in my mind.

"How can I!?" I managed to put force in my voice, I was more than dimly aware that he had me cornered like a lamb in the depths of his couch. There was no way I could escape him now, his huge arms were practically caging me, I wasn't certain if Jayden planned it, but if he did it was thorough. There was no way for me to get away. Despite the sense of threat I felt, I couldn't ignore the warmth emanating from his body, comforting me slightly, as it warmed my still chilly legs, nor the feeling of closeness, that I hadn't felt in what felt like forever. 

"The reason you're still alive is because you're naturally strong," he practically whispered in my ear, I could feel a tingle go down my spine as he massaged my lope with his breath, although it was a threatening statement I couldn't help but release sigh of pleasure as he continued, "If you trained you'd be practically unbeatable, and I need someone to take care of my sister during some... upcoming events. When... I won't be present." He seemed to choose his last words carefully and my mind racked through what he was saying.

" what...?" I asked almost scared to find out. He muffled a laugh in my ear.

"You don't want to know...,"well that part was true, but it never stopped me from asking before.

"I do believe I deserve that much, if I am to take on this...task," I said braver than I felt with this incredibly intimidating and handsome man over me. He pushed himself off of the couch, backing away from my face and propelling himself to his full height with a curious smirk on his face. I was painfully aware I was blushing right now, completely and uncontrollably blushing, and from the look on his face he was enjoying every minute of it.

"I do believe you're in no position to make demands," he returned, his signature grin lacing his face in utter amusement. I was wholly glad I was an elite and not a vampire, at least there was some hope of calling a hole to come, swallow and kill me. Maybe that would be my power transporting swallowing holes.


Jayden POV

Her face was a beautiful, red if I wasn't intrigued by her powers I would be intrigued by the fact she was unfazed by a knife to her throat but yet her heart rate increased the second I was within an inch of her. It truly was too much to pass up, I noticed she had shuddered earlier when I moved to her, although I put it down to disgust yet here she was blushing. I laughed; I really was enjoying having her around, although that was just a nice bonus, all of which should be null and void if she rejected my proposal...probably.

She bit her lip slightly, and gripped the bottom of her pants legs. Dang, she really has great legs, even sitting you could see each defined curve on her, and her legs were so long and luscious. Just like every other part of her. Her eyes looked pleading, as if urging herself not to die of embarrassment. It amused me to no end, her theatrics. Then she turned her face and I felt a deafening urge to turn her beautifully, perfected face back to face me. I fought it...I really didn't deserve that. I'm a killer, I reminded myself, she probably doesn't want me touching her  at all. Most likely she's just really innocent and feels self conscious. Her eyes turned back to me, a new determination in them, and that sweet, shyness a scene of the past. Man, I longed to make her uncomfortable again.

"So basically... you want to train me, so I can look after your sister when you're out doing whatever you have to do?" I blinked at her quick summation but didn't hesitate to reply.


"But why would someone be after your sister? You make being an elite sound like a fairly common thing, isn't it?" she inquired diplomatically as she clasped her hands over her lap and peered up at me.

"It is fairly common, but it's the powerful part they're after."

"I thought you said she can't fight?" I rolled my eyes, was she even listening? I noted she pouted in response, insisting I continued.

"Although a bad fighter, like I said, the elites that control the elements are the strongest. She controls water that heals people. In the midst of a war, her ability is irreplaceable. All the humans might not know about the fight but there are obviously a group that does, and some try different under handed tactics to win, not to mention other...independent elites. I can't afford to let Steph be taken by any of them while I'm busy." She twisted her face in thought momentarily.

"But Steph wants to help the humans; it should be her choice, who she uses her powers to help. Big bro or not, she should have her free will," she responded, her voice becoming more impatient as she spoke. I sighed, trying not to let my own patience wane.

"As lovely as it is that you and Stephanie want to help the humans in this fight...all humans aren't worth helping, that's the long and short of it. Human beings are evil-," Tia looked as if she was about to object, so I added, "Elites can be evil-ish as well," I got a cocked eyebrow at my phrasing, but I continued, "Therefore fighting for what's good for you is the most important point in this war. And despite what good girl scouts you two are, that's protecting the humans--they are too weak to even have a hope--and will only lead to Steph getting hurt." Tia bounced up immediately closing the distance between us, and I stumbled back a bit before I regained my balance, sensing her fighting intent instantly.

"Says who!?" Tia demanded, "I won't say that some humans aren't bad, surely! But they are plenty of good ones too, who, might I add, are also being killed!!" I didn't bother responding so she continued, "And if everyone only looked out for their selves afraid to go against people who may be stronger and fight, the world we live in would be disastrous!!" she barked the last part in my face, and a part of me snapped.

"I'm not afraid!"

"Looks like it from here!"

"Everything... " I hissed out defensively, "is not as it seems..." I wasn't even sure why I bothered to tell her that, but somehow her words got to me. Despite that I refused to stand here and argue over my reasons for doing anything with a human wannabe. I frowned, and watched her frown back, I repeated my question again, my words a lot harder and strained, "Now, I'll ask one last time, will you, or won't you protect my sister?"

She huffed in her throat and closed her eyes in thought, turning ever so slightly away from me, a scowl on her face.

"You shouldn't relinquish the sins of a family member on another one--," she spoke through gritted teeth, as she folded her arms over her chest, "Just because you're the devil's advocate, doesn't mean Steph should have to suffer." I grimaced, 'What was that suppose to mean?'

"I will protect her, but be warned—I've no intention of condoning you to killing my race--I'm going to treat you however I deem you deserve to be treated," she added shooting a death glare towards me, and pointing a finger at me. I smirked.

"I would expect no less--try to kill me if you must, as long as my sister remains safe, I won't object."

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