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Chapter 14

Seems like a Test

Jayden POV

Tia literally didn't move for one minute. I could swear she didn't even blink after she saw me at her door. A complete look of horror emitted from her face and she didn't even try to hide it. She obviously didn't want me here. I grinned sheepishly.

"Do you plan on letting me in?" I half expected her to say no, as pointless as it truly would have been, but silently she bit her lip again and stepped to a side, allowing me to pass. I stepped in on cue, and allowed her to close the door behind me. Thinking briefly to myself how much I wanted to be the one biting on her cute, plump lips.

Her hair flung gently in the air as she turned to lead me to where the rest of her family was, purposely avoiding any unneeded eye contact with me. So I contented myself with watching her from behind, and dang what a view it was. She looked a lot better than when I saw her this morning, much more rested and refreshed. Her hair was pulled into a loose bun, which hung neatly in place and bounced with each step. And I noticed from passing her she had a faint smell of a beautiful aroma I couldn't attempt to place. She truly seemed to like shorts, although this time she was wearing a mini-skirt which accentuated her legs remarkably, briefly I pulled my eyes off her gorgeous legs and appreciatively allowed my eyes to glide upwards. Her butt was so nice and round like her hips, I recalled they would both make any straight man's mouth water. Erotic thoughts began to reel in my head as I imagined touching her, and I slapped myself mentally when she stopped and turned to face me, allowing me to get a full view of her now. I briefly scaled my eyes up and down her body, before my eyes rested firmly on hers. Making a mental note about how soft, and full she looked; with her beautiful curves and firm, exquisite breasts that made me softly grit my teeth to achieve concentration again.

Her eyes waiver cautiously, as she watched me, when my survey was over, but was then strong and determined much like how they were the night previous, as if she had just figured out what she would do. I smiled slightly in anticipation as she parted those delicious lips of hers to speak.

"Why are you here..?"She said with more certainty than her eyes willed her to portray. I fought the will to tease her, we were already on bad terms, why make it worse? But then again, why not?

"Why do you think?" I questioned, I heard the laughter in my own voice as a smirk, no doubt spread across my face. She bit her lip in annoyance.

"To cause trouble..."she hissed in reply, leaning in closer so she wouldn't have to speak loud. I glanced away from her view practically ignoring her, by then I was dimly aware Steph, Sherry, Tia's sister along with her dad were talking in a room close by. From there I could hear the murmurs of their conversation as they waited for Tia to return.

"Now why would I do that...?" I mused still ignoring her glare.

"Because you're evil," I smirked at her nonchalant reply. Somehow her calling me evil doesn't rest well with me; it feels...more like a test than an accusation. My hands drifted to her arm and in one smooth, silent motion I pushed her against the wall, with my body encaging hers. I could feel my chest pressed against hers, and my arms now propped on the wall giving me only an inch distance from her face. Shock flashed in her eyes, followed by embarrassment. She really wasn't use to being this close to a guy. Her cheeks flooded crimson in seconds and I could feel my chest tighten with need as I watched her intensely, again the tingling sensation wasn't helping, infact it just made me want to touch her more. I released steady even breaths that matched hers until both of our breath intertwined. I breathed again to calm myself; darn she was soft. I bent my head instinctively closer to her, feeling my desire for her increase. Every piece of my being wanted to touch her more despite I had just finish telling myself this morning, I wouldn't.

"Even if that's true..."I said cockily, lowering my head more to whisper as I spoke into her ear, breathing slightly on her lobe, "You know you'd miss me." I could feel her shiver slightly below me, and I smiled in content. Making her uneasy at least once a day is seriously going to become my hobby, I grinned pulling myself away from her slowly, quite satisfied. Her eyes were wide in shock and filled with anxiety. Her face flushed light pink, and she looked so delicate like a vulnerable lamb. So tempting... My brain went blank, and I could feel my muscles tense as my control slipped away practically flying out the window, and instinct welcomed itself as I imagined pulling her to me closer and ravaging my lips against hers.

"TIA! Who was it!?" Tia's dad called, from the room a door down. I was less than a few inches away from Tia now as her dad pushed at the door, I could still feel the tension in my muscles as horrible thoughts of moving away consumed me. I never felt so much need course through me, that incited me not to move, yet I was still remotely in control of myself, so with a breath of determination, I pulled myself back from her at least two feet before Tia's dad opened the door.



The sudden distance between Jayden and I made me more apprehensive than when he was within an inch of me, which didn't fail to shake me up more. My father walked into the room, and looked from me—who was obviously still sporting a bright pink face—and then to Jayden and then back. His face held concern as he studied me and then turned to a warm smile as he looked back at Jayden.

"I'm so glad, you made it back safely—although I get a feeling Tia is still a bit tired from yesterday," he said nodding slightly, taking a step to close the distance and pat Jayden's shoulder as a gesture of friendship. Jayden pulled a tight smile, as his eyes drifted over to me from my dad.

"It appears so..."he said. I could feel his eyes watching me intently, making electricity run up and down my spine, there was something in his eyes that told me he also wanted to be closer to me again. Every part of me that he looked at seemed to heat up the second he gazed at it until I could feel the heat in my cheeks rise again and the expressions on my father's face turn to deep concern, as he now followed Jayden's gaze.

"Umm...I think I need to go and wash my face a little more to wake myself up," I stammered, as I propelled myself off of the wall in order to scurry to the safety of my room which fortunately had a bathroom. Neither of them had time to speak and I spared a second glance to Jayden who continued to watch me as I pranced down the hall and into my haven. My body still felt heated as I anxiously closed the door to my room, and again I knew I was breathing quick, jagged breaths, except this time—sleep was not going to help me calm down.


Thank you. Danke. Arigato!

For reading my story, I really appreciate it!

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