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Chapter 16

What Did You Say


"What did you tell Steph that had made her sad...?"I managed, trying to phrase my words so it'd make sense since my brain was scarcely functioning by now.

"I told her we wouldn't come back here because-"

"Why!?" I stammered cutting him off, he seemed a bit taken back by my outburst, we both glanced over at the little girls, who were still diligently watching the movie. I hit him lightly on his shoulder to regain his attention, "why'd you do that!?" I repeated softer, as if he hadn't heard me, "The rest really like Steph," I added to confirm my reasons to him.

"You said you didn't want unnecessary trouble so I told Steph we're not coming back to the house, I'll work with you only when you come across," I bit my lip.

"But they already met you; they're already involved, right?" I said pointedly, "Plus they like you guys--"I paused in thought before I continued, "they'll ask me a lot of questions about you guys and will expect to see you again since you were so friendly." I honestly felt as if I was pleading at this point. Why am I pleading?

"After only one day?" he said dubiously.

"You saw how Steph and Sherry connected; they're like the Olsen twins." I interjected, "And my dad loves to see them together." Not to mention, this is the first sign of friendship my dad has seen me have in years, he'd hook on to just about anyone.

"Who're the Olsens?" I looked shocked for a second, not expecting that but then regained myself.

"That's not important! What is important is the connect! The closeness! Everyone's happy, are you going to ruin—" I was getting increasingly louder as I continued until Jayden finally clasped his hand over my mouth, muffling my shout. I stood shock for a moment and then became silent as he watched my eyes; I saw a slight, glimmer of sadness flash in his eyes.

"Are you happy?" he asked, pausing slightly and lowering his voice, "with me being close to you..." I moved my hands to unclasp the grip he had on my mouth. Am I happy? What that was really asking me, was did I want him around me? Was that even a sensible question? Even with the warm feeling he gave me or the strange comforting electric tingles I felt...

"Have you actually given me a reason to?" I recalled bitterly, he grinded his teeth. I stepped pass him without looking at his face and went to the couch where my family watched the picture from the floor, and I plopped down on the couch. I glanced back quickly at Jayden; his face seemed to carry an astringent expression from where I was. He shook his head slightly and walked over to the couch where I was and sat down next to me gaining no attention from the people in front of us. His muscles seemed tense and from where I was I could feel vibes of annoyance coming off of him. He leaned over to my ear, grazing it with his lips gently, and released a heated breath, that made every hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

"Then I promise to be completely distant with you from now on," he whispered in a deep, husky, slightly exasperated voice.

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