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Chapter 3

Just Fine

Tia POV 

I felt my knees buckle and I stumbled to the ground after him as if all power had left me, my hands the only part still holding me up. I was barely able to hang on to my consciousness long enough to watch the girl disappeared out of my sight, and into the city. I sighed, she's safe now. My hands propelled downwards as I hit the cracked floor and the scenery went black. That's good enough for me...

Jayden P.O.V

I lay on the ground completely paralysed for a few minutes before I felt any part of my body react. What the hell was that, I thought. I'm supposed to be invincible in my wolf state. I cringed as I hauled myself into a sitting position; great I'm human again. What happened? That light, I never felt anything so strong. Every part of me wanted to rest, but I willed myself up. My feet felt weak, and I staggered around groggily until I reached the area the light hit, to determine the damage. There was no dust flying like after a bomb, the air was clear, the only smell was something sweet but implacable, the child was probably long gone and that girl was lying unconscious on the ground. Her facial features relaxed as if in a beautiful sleep, with no worries about her life. I cringed, I knew I was barely standing- my muscles hurt like old wounds...I felt my legs collapse finally and my body fall beside the sleeping girl. Her face didn't even wrinkle in an emotion, and I found myself looking at her face, feeling a sense of warmth and peace wash over me, before my joints stiffened, becoming paralyzed once again. Geez, that was getting old.

A presence of an Elite came, but my strength was too low to recognize it. My brain racked through elites who would come looking for me after a mission. I was to kill the general in this park and anyone who had witnessed it. Which happened to be a young girl, who came to the park to retrieve something or the other, and this girl. So, this newcomer, could be Ester, notifying me of my failure or-

Steph stuck her head right in my face, completely blocking out the girl. I blinked, almost in surprise, somehow I felt disappointed to see Steph's eyes looking at me.

"Are you okay, bro?" she asked, she sometimes came after I did a mission, usually if I took a long time, I must have been out for a while, for her to show up. She hated what I did, and didn't want to risk actually seeing it. Seeing business mood, as she called it. I managed a smirk, trying to seem more at ease, as I tried to turn my body so I lay facing up to the sky.

"Never...been...better..."I joked, each word was a strain, I felt as if someone cemented my vocal chords to stop me from speaking, and it hurt trying to pull them lose. Her eyes were wide with concern for a few minutes, as she looked down at me from above. Then she closed her eyes to begin her chant to heal. Her eyes opened, and sparkled a bright blue as she placed one of her small hands on my arm, and I could sense the power returning to me, at the same time she touched the girl. In a few seconds she let us go. I sat up in a sitting position instantly, now fully in control of my body, I went instantly for a pair of pants in Steph's bag, since I recalled I had turned back and was now completely nude. Although, I could wear certain pants when I transformed, most of them ripped while I was changing, and even if they didn't I wouldn't even want to walk around in wolf form with my clothes on, I'd look retarded. I pulled on a pants quickly, looking around again for any more signs of life coming towards us.

"You guys will be fine now," Steph confirmed with a smile directed towards the girl. Who slowly sat up, still a bit weakened, my eyes looked over to study her as her eyes opened gingerly, and revealed a beautiful caramel brown. I really can't decide if she looks more beautiful awake or asleep, I mused while my sister was busy smiling giddily at her. She really was fine, the thought flicked across my mind, as my eyes drifted down her slim body, and at her beautifully long legs... I mentally slapped myself.

"It doesn't make a difference if she's fine..." I said forcing an extra roughness to my voice, to counter the lustful thoughts that were making their way in, "She witnessed something she shouldn't, she has to die, she'll talk," I looked the girl straight in the eye, and the girl quietly held my gaze. I was dimly aware that Steph bit her lip to begin her protest.

"I don't want you to kill her—she's just a civilian only a bit older than me and--" I got up, breaking eye contact with the girl, and dusted whatever dirt I had on my new pants off, interrupting my sister while I was at it. If you only knew I was planning to kill a girl even closer to your age, you won't even try that argument, I thought. I turned my head to look down at the girl again, with darkened eyes, and an unreadable, determined expression. Once again, no signs of fear showed on her face, and she boldly stared up at me, it was unsettling yet alluring, but I continued anyway, speaking indifferently,"None of that matters -- this is business," I said, still holding her gaze.

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