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Access to Internet

In an environment where the ability to participate in school is dependent upon access to internet connection, surely the ensuring that all children have access to internet should be our top priority in Barbados.

It always amazes me how Governments can find no end of money to pay an additonal consultant but the problem that can result in people falling through the cracks in society remain


We need to deal with this issue of internet access as a matter of urgency. Barbadians need to join together and demand that something be done to assist homes where families cannot afford access to internet. This problem is not the fault of families, why should they be called upon to look for unplanned money at this difficult time.

We need to put our heads together and figure out how to solve this problem.

So this call goes out to all Ba

rbadians: What can be done to ensure no child is without access to learning simply because they do not have access to internet service?

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