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How...after Covid?

How....after Covid teachers will look at children and tell them bullying is wrong,

When them sit back and watch bajans all bout de place be bullied into taking the jab.

How...after Covid them gwine call themselves 'community police'

When all the time them did barely the government boots.

How...after Covid the historians gwine tell we to honour Bussa

When them stand back and see slavery play out right in front them eyes without a peep

How...after Covid pastors and church leaders gwine tell everybody that God can do anything,

When all the time them preaching that the only way Covid can end is if all we tek the jab.

How...after Covid the labour unions gwine say them care bout workers,

when one single activist is the only body turn up to defend workers rights from the big rich business people.

How...after Covid government gwine tell the people 'we here to serve',

when them make it clear that them here to rule.

How....after Covid things can ever go back to normal,

When so many people gwine can't face themselves in the mirror.

But one saving grace,

After Covid we won't have to pretend we 'independent' anymore

Cause we would be a republic - so at least we won't have to face that lie.

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2021

Fa true, true.

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