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Success over Sickness

Have you ever considered what it would be like to live with a deadly disease? The mental pressure and anxiety, the fear and concern for your life? One would imagine that someone with a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism and Graves disease would suffer from all those things. Yet nothing can be further from the truth for Celia Collymore - Owner and Operator of Bajan Fusion. Living on medication for Hypothyroidism and Graves Disease has not daunted Celia one bit.

“We have to decide if we’ll just give into sickness, or make up our minds to pursue success. Sickness or success, I decided success is the only way to go.

You are more than your sickness, it doesn’t matter what sickness it is, a positive attitude and a commitment to wholistic wellness will always be the answer.”

These are not empty words coming from Celia Collymore, Celia practices what she preaches.

Bajan Fusion was launched on December 31, 2012 and its focus has been to bring life to life. What is life if you don’t intend to live it. Fighting a serious illness helps you to see the importance of living healthy but also the importance of living while you can. That’s why her business Bajan Fusion offers adventure activities such as horseback riding, golfing, tours, kayaking, hikes - wellness packaged in fun. Celia also offers exercise classes, lifestyle workshops and personal training and coaching.

You don’t have to let life get you down, you can live it up with excitement and fitness with Bajan Fusion.

Bajan Fusion offers a wide range of inspirational fitness clothing and gear, and a Bajan Fusion Fan club that gives discounts on all exciting events on the Bajan Fusion calendar. Join the brand - live and be the best you that you can be. Whatsapp Celia today at 284-5426 or email her at and get living and get moving - sometimes they are both the same thing.

Bajan Fusion…Get Fit For Life

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